Anti Radiation Women Tank top With Protection Shielding, 100% Silver-Polyester Fabric, 890690F, Silver

Super Shielding Against RF Radiation
Manufacturer: OURSURE
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  • Don this light stretch t-shirt as a basic top or an undershirt for all-day protection as you go about your daily activities
  • 100% silver fiber-polyester fabric provides super RF radiation shielding to 3 GHz
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • It is comfortable and safe on the skin
  • Women Size Large: chest—43” (110 cm), length—28” (72 cm); Women Size Medium: chest—39.4” (100 cm), length—27.5” (70 cm); Women Size Small: chest—33.5” (85 cm), length—25.5” (65 cm); Color: Silver. 
  • Care, hand wash, air dry, do not bleach

World Health Organization (WHO) Press Release on May 31, 2011: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk. This tank is specially designed for shielding Radio Frequency (RF) radiation such as cell phone, wireless devices, microwave oven.

- Information about RF Radiation Shielding Fabrics -

Electromagnetic shielding that blocks radio frequency electromagnetic radiation is known as RF radiation shielding. The shielding can reduce the coupling of radio waves, electromagnetic fields and electrostatic fields. The principle of RF shielding is to using a conductive enclosure to block electrostatic fields. Typical conductive materials used for shielding is metal. With the latest technology innovations the RadiProtect Metal and RadiProtect Sliver fabrics become popular shielding fabric used for making RF shielding clothes in nowadays market. These high-tech conductive textiles are Lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and safe on skin. High-tech RadiProtect Sliver fabric is by far the best RF shield fabric used for apparels in the market. It offers exceptional RF/microwave shielding performance. RadiProtect Silver products undergo rigorous testing and have up to 60 dB shielding effectiveness for frequencies from 10MHz to 3GHz and beyond.